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Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 9 - Just reviewing and Halloweening

Stamps for making patterns. (Walmart)

Grid Game using glitter black and orange jack-o-lanterns.
Fall roll a tree - I have a roll a jack-o-lantern also

Spider counting game for the SMART Board - found on Smart Exchange.

Just sorting by shape of the eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, etc. (in our dropbox)

Erasers to make patterns with. (found at Walmart)

Children draw a number and place it on the top corner and then place that number of erasers on it (found at Target for $4) Here is a link to the game.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 8 Halloween/ Fall continued

Roll a leaf game, easy to run. Comes with both numbers or the dots on the die. Today we took the shapes that we have sorted and patterned with, and we counted once on the blue the number given, and then they had to push up to check their counting.

Mrs. Smith found this little matching game to tie in with our fire safety unit.

Mrs. Smith also came up with the pumpkins and stick game, she introduced it one day in her group and now it is a on your own group.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 7 - Halloween Theme!

This is a game I found on Teachers Pay Teachers, it can be played lots of different ways, plus it is a blank board I can use it for other activities. I use my haunted houses for numbers, the children can roll a die, flip the flip card and show the number plus put that numbe of skeletons on the board. You can also make this independent by rolling a die and putting that number on the house.

Grid board game: children roll the dice, one child is white and one is black, and they put their color game piece on the board. Friend rolls and does the same. When the board is full or clean up time, they count to see who had the most.

Just a couple file folder games I will use this week while I start assessment at my table.

Rolling and showing the number and PUSHING as they check themselves to the blue side.

Something here I have just found, the children sort these and can make patterns with these. They LOVE these.

Cut leaves from the die cut, today we choose TWO colors to make an AB pattern.

Here on the Jack-o-lantern faces that we talked about today, we talked about what was the SAME about all of these (color, shape, size, all had faces, all can be on a jack-o-lantern, etc) And then we talked about what was different. (some have eye-brows, some do not, some have happy, some are sad, some had circle eyes, some do not, some have triangle noses, some do not, etc) We also had time to sort a few of them.

Just a counting sheet. Here is a link. My children loved this today, they rolled the dice, and then drew that number of teeth on the monster. They also wrote the number on the top or bottom of the monster. It is also included in that link above.

That's it, anything else cute, I will post! Click here for something new!

And let me know if this link works.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 6 - Two changes

We went on a fall leaf walk this morning, so with the leaves that we gathered, we discussed things that were the same and different, plus we even had a chance to sort real leaves! I added the cards just so this could perhaps be an independent station - maybe after a couple more days :). The children are to draw a card to show them how they are to sort the leaves.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 6 Fall additions

We were patterning with leaves today. And sorting here, we discussed three different way (color, shape, size) and then we used the baskets to here to help them not to sort two ways at one time (color and shape, etc) It seemed to work well and I hope to make little cards so the children can draw a card and sort according to the card so this can be an indpendent center.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 6 - Math tubs -Games

This is Where is Mister Mouse and it is a game for Positional words, the children loved it. Here they are playing Jack be Nimble working with sets, they had to count the set and then move if they had it correct. :)

Tangrams for making squares, triangles or rectangles.

Count to game - we are a little weak with counting so I used one of our imagine it game boards and just make cards with numbers for the students to count to. If they get it correct, they roll and move the number rolled.

Printing number and saying Number Poems here. And here.

Table was counting and placing the correct number.