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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beginning of March math tubs

Making teens and writing it on the SMART Board

We are working on using different ways to sort than just color, size, shape. I am looking to increase their vocabulary, so we are using texture, height, and weight. I introduced this yesterday during Morning Meeting, and then today they put it work!

Ordering numbers 9 - 20.

Showing numbers in both hands on and writen form.

Find one more game. So sorry, I can't find this exact one anymore, but their are alot of these out there on TPT. The children roll the die, and add one more to the number and cover THAT number. First time playing today, and several friends were only covering the numbers they rolled and wondered why there was a 7 on the board? Too funny. Another day with this and we will good to go!

Dr. Suess brought us this great game, and it only takes running two and you have a game for Math Tubs.

And that will do us for this week and next. Enjoy!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ending Feb and beginning March: math tubs

I can't believe the month is gone! I REALLY thought I had kept up with this blog better than I did this month. SO sorry. Last week we really focused on recording patterns, I just realized last week that we had made patterns in a lot of different ways, but I had not allowed my students to record them. Surprisingly, it went very well. But here are a couple SMART board lessons.

And another one:

More or Less game - I like this one because they play it like war, but when they turn over the number they have to show the number on the board, then they roll to see who takes the card. It goes a little slower than war, but I like the 1 to 1 correspondence.

Another BUMP game, it comes with frogs to put on the numbers, but I am still using unifix cubes and the kids love it. I will soon introduce the concept of addition and show them that they have been doing it all year! ( and the link also give you a cute roll a frog game too!)
Shifty shapes, we have been naming shapes at calendar and it was brought up one morning that a trapezoid looks like half of a hexagon -so exciting! So I pulled out this activity so they can see all the different ways to make a hexagon - problem today is they only wanted to make one with ONE color and not mix it up. I guess tomorrow I will have to model a little more. :)

Tic Tac toe - just took an old game and added a one to all of the numbers so we can practice writing and saying our teen numbers - this years groups will KNOW their teens.

Bears on stairs - children make the stairs and then walk their bear up to see if it is correct. Easy, no prep work and the kids love it!

So as I look ahead, I will need to start a few assessments next week, just to knock them out. Lots of the skills this quarter they children KNOW, so it should go easily. I need to focus on attributes a little more, we are doing this in morning meeting, but I am having a difficult time working as a teacher at a table in Math tubs because of my challenging class this year.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Math Tubs, Valentines week

Simple week, really hitting teen numbers and I can really tell that the children have had ALOT of practice, they are getting better and they are UNDERSTANDING how to make a teen number. I love it! Here are some simple activities:

A quick and simple game I made for the SMART board. Very independent and GREAT - I could really see who understood. (It is also in our Dropbox)

A Valentine roll the die game. The children are drawing a little heart bug, they loved it and I am focusing on KNOWING those numbers without counting the dots. A lot of the children are there!

Here is the Polar Bear Die game that was the first thing you saw, this is just a picture of the kids playing it.

War! Concept is More or Less and the children LOVE playing this, they choose to play this during centers and after school waiting for the bus. Now that's a hit. :)

The Ten Frames game - we play it everyday, amazing how quick they are getting. I can really see quickly who is still struggling with one to one.

Hot Cocoa Teen game I posted this last week and we are still playing this. Here is last weeks link.

We are also rotating in manipulative to make patterns and sort. My plan this week is to introduce the more or less game with the unifix cubes, but I will have to do it whole group as an introduction, during morning meeting. I am still monitoring math tubs right now, helping with the low friends and giving those children the support at each math tub that they need.