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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Subtration - finally!

I introduced subtration formally this week - the students listened to half of the book and then I told them a little story about a girl/boy loosing teeth.  We counted how many she started with, wrote that number and then we took some away and completed the problem and then counted the leftover teeth.

Addtion war - who has more.

This is a great little addition game and you can control how easy or hard it gets - love it!

Here is this little game, great for shape review and you can do 2D or 3D,

Little teen tic tac toe to review teens and practice writing without reversals.

I am sure you have seen this game and I have had it in my room for years, but I forget how to play - but here is what we did.  One person is blue and one is red.  First player places his/her two pieces on two ten frames that add up to 10, so like a ten frame with 9 and a ten frame with 1, next players turn.  When I ring the bell, they look to see which one had MORE pieces on the board.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Facts of 10 - the beginning

 Shifty Shapes is an AIMS activity.  The students are trying to make a hexagon several different ways
 Top it is a great app using cards and addition. It also throws in a little greater than and less than as well. 
 BBC has this great online game for shorting shapes, it is a little hard at the beginning, but it uses the words faces and edges and vertices, and it is very additive - they LOVE this game. 

 This parking lot game is a play off of an old game from the beginning of the year from Heidi Song.  The students each have a bag of a certain color domino and they pick out a "car" and place it in the correct parking lot.  So a domino with 3+4 dots, would be placed in the Parking lot 7.  I printed an extra 1 and 2 to make the 11 and 12. 
 And here we are working on ten, One die, a marker, egg carton and this set of cards.
This has been a great introduction to the ten cubes.  I have had the students play as a team and take turns so they can check each other and help to make a set of ten.  I will not do this one for very long, but I do like having the students work with these and at least be familiar with this.