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Monday, March 24, 2014

Making 9 and Tens a different way

 This is a great little App from iLearn.  They have several great ones, this one have count, calculate, and order.  I use the Guided access on the iTouch to "lock" the students on so they don't wander off.  Works like a charm!
 This is an activity where I am trying to introduce ten in a different way.  They see the ten frame every day and we work with these on the smart board, but they have never held these in their hands and created numbers with these.  They were to draw a number, create the number, and compare their number with their friends number to see which one is greater or more - we even used the greater than sign today!
 I have a symbaloo I created and you may want to use this as a great math tool.  But this game is just a little addition game that had them adding various items.
 Race to the top - the students simply roll two die with numbers on each one 0 - 5 and they add the numbers and write the addition equation on the square above the correct answer - so 3+1 is 4 so they would find the four on the graph and write 3+1 above it.  They are racing to the top of their paper to see which one has the most.
This is the same ol same ol, but we moved to nine, this week I did not write the numbers in the egg carton, I figure they should know that 9 is one less than 10.  It went just fine today.
And we did this as a review, plus I don't like to introduce too many new ones in the same day.  They are just making a shape using MORE than one shape.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Addition to 8 and teen numbers


I had the students make shapes using more than one shape.  That was the only rule and it was a great math tub.  I just traced shapes onto a piece of construction paper and laminate it - Viola - a quick math tub!
I have used this one before, they had a choice today on this ipad activity.

 Here they throw the bean bag, make the number on a geoboard, and show the number on the ten frame.  You could use anything, I just used this one because I had it.  Egg cartoons make a great one too.  I got this idea from a fellow teacher and she reminded me to put single numbers on the back so you can use this early in the year - so easy and so great!

Bump for March! Here is where I found this, but any BUMP will do

 Lego game number 2 and here is this Lego game played here.
Here are the cards I used.