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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Exploration and then the attach movie is a helpful link to my made up song. :)

We moved a little faster today and I set a timer so we would not loose track of the time. Three minutes is all we spent in each tub.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Math Tubs and transition

Today we moved! The Tubs stayed on our tables and moved around to each tub. My classroom has tables numbered 1-6 and it is in order that way so the children move in a clockwise motion around my room.

We continued to explore the tubs and I worked with a group on the Smart table. We should explore for three more days and then off to having jobs we will go!

I sang my clean up song, in yesterdays post, and at the end I say "check the floors, check the tables, check your laps" - and instead of clap clap, I would say "Stand up" so as they cleaned up they would stand up and put their eyes on me. At this time, they are still a bit chatty and I usually have to ask for them to give me 5. Once they are all quiet, I showed them where they would go next, then I had them all point to where they were going and then they moved. ( Now I always have a friend who goes the wrong way.) I ring the bell and then they begin. Remember to have a team captain, to aviod fussing. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Today we explored a little more. The duration was about an hour. The children reviewed expectations and learned how to clean up. We sang our little song "Check the floors, check the tables, check your laps (clap, clap) Check the floors check your tables check your laps, check the floor check the tables check the floors check the tables check the floors check the tables check your laps (clap, clap)

As teachers, we strolled the room watching to see what the children were doing. I saw children making patterns, sorting and organizing items in various ways. This gives me a lot of information in a very informal way.

Students are encouraged to only take a handful of manipulatives and if they need more, they can dip back in and get a few more.

Each tub time only last about 5 minutes.

Now today, because I know we will be gluing tomorrow and I have not had a chance to teach the children HOW I want them to use the glue, I had Mrs. Rumple take a station and teach only four children at a time how to glue. This works very well throughout the year with little things that need to get done in a small setting. (Assessment, intervention, enrichment, etc)

Friday, August 26, 2011


I teach Kindergarten in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. This blog is a quick recap of what I do daily for my math tubs, I hope it helps!

I am one day in to Math and I have set my rules, discussed the job of a team captain and showed the children what cleaning up looks like and sounds like. I have introduced the term "Exploration" and students have had the opportunity to explore snap cubes, bears, and pattern blocks.

As I think ahead to next week, I will continue to "Explore" the rest of my tubs and I will assess my students during groups so I can find out number recognition, sets and probably positional words.
I will also introduce alike and different during Morning Meeting.