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Thursday, October 22, 2015

3rd Rotation

Math Tubs 2nd rotation and Learning Stations 2


Dot to Dot Cards
Parking Log
 Parking Lot: counting dominos and placing on the number        

Fuzz Bugs
Various Numbers

Smart Board Number Printing
Mister Mouse Positional Game

Shape Game


Starting the school year with Math and Learning stations

Math after exploration

Roll and Dot game:  Students roll two homemade die with numbers on one and color dots on another.  They then dot the number they roll.

Brown Bear shape game:   students draw a card and color the shape and the color drawn.

Pete the Cat Buttons:  students put on the number of buttons that are on the cards

Pete the cat Bump

Counting Race for the iPad - a great two person game.

LEARNING STATIONS at the beginning