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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Math Tubs and Math Tubs

Smart table was counting animals today.

Counting animals on the SMART board today. The children were to identify the number and then move the number of animals onto the board. We were working on alike and different at this table.

Sets here still.

Grid game here: children roll a number, place that number of black beads on the card. Next friend rolls and places the number shown of white pebbles. At the end of the game, the students see who had the MOST.

Shapes on the geoboards.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 5 (I think) Same ol same ol in a different way:)

We are working on shapes and naming shapes. Here the children are working on geoboards making shapes. Writing their numbers and graphing here.

Alike and different using beanbag animals.

Making sets with pom poms.

Counting at the Smart table.

Counting fish - found on the SMART exchange for the SMART board.

Yesterday we made squares out of Tangrams using all seven pieces. (and not the SMART board lesson)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today we added a few things to tie in apples. This table was cutting up apples into small pieces for applesauce. Go fish for identifying numbers - they LOVED this.

Sorting and comparing apples at this table, they sorted, graphed and compared.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Working on sets today! Children had a plate with a number on it. They were to put pom poms on it and then have a teacher check their work. I would use different color plates for each child, or just make a different color dot on the back of each set. (so when they clean up, they will know which ones go together) Tangrams this week for Spatial relations. Remind children to count to seven at clean up to check if all the pieces are there (plus it helps with counting)

We worked with shapes today in a little game. I like to introduce different shapes early because it is a hard concept to teach quick. My assistant just said the name of the shapes and played a little domino game with them. Tomorrow she will start teaching the poems with each shape. This will help with Likenesses and Differences when working with shapes.

Children counted and made sets up to ten.

Roll the number. Children rolled the die, counted the dots and wrote the number starting at the bottom of the graph. When the bell rang to clean up, they would see which one they rolled the most.

Counting sets. I introduced the egg cartons today and had the children put one dinosaur in each hole. We talked about the number 10 and then the children showed me other numbers I asked for. I am really just wanting them to start to realize what a set of ten looks like in the carton.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Math week 3 day 3

We worked on Alike and Different today in a teacher led group. One child picked two creatures and we all gave one thing that was the same and one thing that was different. We LISTENed to our friends so we would not repeat anything. We had a chance to do this almost three different times. SMART table was counting sets to 10.

Everything else was the same as Monday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Math Tubs Week Three day 2

We worked on positional words on the smart table today. Pattern block spatial relations again today.

We were sorting today only by SIZE, yesterday was only color. We will work on this exact tub item tomorrow. :)

Number Identification with geoboards

Printing numbers with Visa Visa markers. I modeled and then let them finish the card.

Here the children matched the set with the number first, then they mixed it up and put the numbers in order and matched the sets again.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week Three Math Tubs

We worked on Postional words today, the children put their bears in the tub, on the tub, beside the tub, behind, over, under, around, and in front of the tub. With a few groups that really seemed to grasp this concept, I allowed them to give us directions using our words. Spatial relations with just some different cards.

SMART table with couting balls. (Sets, number id)

Sorting, discussing how we sort and focusing on color, using different things to sort and cards to sort on.

Geoboards working on Numbers.

Making sets, children are listening to the taps of the keyboard, showing that number with the manipulative and then showing the number with the number cards (0-5)

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Game Day on Friday, or most fridays, I just try and find a game to teach the concept I have worked on all week. Here is Hi, Ho Cherry-o, working on sets.

And we still had geoboards to practice making the numbers.

This is just a little game for recognizing numbers.

The Smart Table was working on counting.

Spatial Relations with the pattern blocks, same as all week.

The Ladybug game, counting and touching as they counted.

Four minutes was not enough to finish a game, but they had the chance to learn it and get started. We are still working on cleaning up QUIETLY and so it is taking us a little longer to transition that I would like.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We are praciting writing our numbers and then we connect the numbers to make a picture.

Children are working on spatial relations with Kindergarten Job Cards.

This is numeral printing, teacher led, we are saying the poems to each number as we write.

This is sorting, teacher led, with buttons today.

This is geo boards, making numbers.

And here the children are working with sets.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today we started working! We had a job at each table to do. I am fortunate to have a student teacher, so we had three guided stations and two on your own stations. (we had two children out so I took out a table today) Four minutes was on the clock today. Team captain was assigned.

Table 1: Buttons: Teacher allowed a little exploration time and then called out number 1-5 for the children to show. "Show me three buttons" She was watching to see who could add on for a larger number and who restarted.

Table 2: Geo-Boards - exploration

Table 3: Bears - Teacher asked "what is something all the same in this tub?" Answers where given and a sorting rule explained. Children were asked to sort the bears by color and then if time allowed, by size.

Table 4: Pattern Blocks Job Cards - (spatial relations) Children were using the pattern blocks to fill in a simple picture on the Job Cards.

Table 5: Empty today

Table 6: Numeral Printing Cards - Teacher led (to explain HOW to do this) - Children copied a number and then connected the dots to make a picture. I will post pictures tomorrow.

I will continue all of these tables this week. I will make Table five an alike/difference table that will be teacher led. I will not need to help with the Nubmeral printing cards in the future, that was just to introduce and explain expectations. Pictures will follow to help understand the tubs.