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Monday, March 12, 2012

Math Tubs middle of March - Teen numbers and counting

Here is what we are doing this week:

Putting numbers in order . . .

Domino Parking Lot

I introduced this domino activity this week so the children will get use to counting the dominos. We will use these coming up in the next quarter for addition and this is just a little preparation for that activity. The children are just counting the dots and "parking" them in the correct space in the lot. Here the children are making dots showing the correct teen number that is written on the side.

Here is the link to this
ten frame fill in with bear.

One more game, children roll the dice and place a marker on ONE MORE. Sorry, I can't figure out where I found this one. :)

Tic tac toe, writing teen numbers and problem solving.

Counting dots on the SMART table.

Ten Frames on the computers.

I am also beginning my testing this week, so I will pull children to the back table while my assistant monitors the room and checks work.

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