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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Printing Numbers

 It's all about printing numbers this week.  We can ALL use a little practice with both identifying and printing.

Here the children will write the number in the square that will be on a sheet of paper.  When they lift the template off, they connect the dots and make a mystery picture.  I will put just a scanned copy here, they are old Math Their Way cards. On the back I have stickers representing the number on the front so the kids will count the stickers later and write the number.
Dot card 1
Dot card 2
Dot card 3
Dot card 4
Dot card 5
Dot card 6
Dot card 7
Dot card 8
Dot card 9
Dot card 10
Dot card 12 Back too
Dot card 13
Dot card 14

ALL the dot cards are here
I love the Illuminations Ten Frame web site, the students need to listen and count.  I only use the How Many game right now.

I made this little game.  The students simply place the correct number of dots in the ten frame.  Very much like what they are doing above and on the SMART board last week.  Here is the link. Combined sheets are here.

Monkey Math on the touches.

Duck and Moose has a great app for counting.

 I quickly made a SMART board lesson for printing numbers 0-10, I put our poems on the top so if I have a parent helper to help me, they can use the same language the kids are use to.

Oh, everyone LOVED this one.  I found this idea on Pinterest.  They just roll the number die I made out of squares from AC Moore and then roll the color die and stamp that number with the dots.  (Dollar Tree Bingo Markers)

Printing numbers again.  One side is all the numbers and the other side is just ONE number they may need help with.  I have included a small version of this and you can just make little ones, or big ones on your own.

Ratuki is a cute game that shows numbers in different ways.  I play this game when I have a helper.  I found it at Walmart, but for a little more, you can pick it up at Target too.

That's it for printing numbers this week - I do have more to come next week! 


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