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Friday, January 25, 2013

Addition fun in Kindergarten

This is a little game that can be used several ways.  The children can count out items and place them on the jar card, and then record it on their recording sheet, but I rotate quickly, so we only had time to draw a card and record that number and dots on the sheet.  This took two days to complete. (my tubs only last about 5 minutes) 
Sorting is another thing we are working on as a TEAM.  They are to sort together and then count each group and decide which group has the most, least, and if any have the same. 

Teen tic tac toe is a favorite.  It is not Common Core, but my students need to practice writing numbers so we do!
We are still working on making five.  I am hoping that soon they will have these facts in their head and it will all make sense.  We will see! The link I included is different than this one pictured, but this one I mentioned in my last post.

And we do it here . . .

And here . . .  And here is the link to this lesson. (thanks for the blackline Laura, what a great idea!)

Beans are used for two things, to quickly show the student the beans in your hand and to ask them how many are there (without counting!) and you can use the spray painted beans as addition problems.  Just have the children spill the number you are working on, onto the table and write the math sentence.

Subitizing -  You can find these in this great find.  You can play all sorts of games with these, go fish, memory, matching, etc.

And I found this link for these - it has ALOT of great things!

These are just cards I use at a math tub, the adult at this table just flashes these daily trying to teach the students "tricks of the trade" on how to quickly figure out the dot card number equivalent.

And I have written about the bowl game and then I found this!   Just a great extention of great game.

We needed a little work on One More - she here is a little game.  The children just roll a die, add one more to their rolled number, and put their color piece on the board.  They are trying to get four in a row.


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  3. I noticed that your kids' names are written directly on the tables. What did you use?

    1. Sharpie! And it wipes right off with a magic eraser. :)

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