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Friday, January 19, 2018

Number Sense - Addtion Their Way

This post is focused on math facts, working on just the numbers the children need.  I learned this technique in an inservice and I have tweaked it to fit my class.  

I start off assessing the students using this technique: - Bears in the cave.

I start off with 3 and go up until they get to a number that they stuggle with - unable to do it quickly, or are counting.  I write the last number they could do easily and build up from there.  This student has one of the highest numbers.  most of my friends started with 3 or 4.

Each day the students come to me or my assistant and tell us the number they are going to work on and we date it.  This is so we can tell at a glance as we walk around the room, what nubmer they SHOULD be working on. :)

Below are some of the games they can choose.  At each station, they pull the sheet with THEIR number on it.  So here a friend is working on the number 3.

Spill the beans is an old Math their way sheet and you can find it here.

 Math Tappers or Find the Sum is an awesome game for the ipad or itouches.  It only starts at the number 5, and goes up, but for anyone working on 3 or 4  - they can not choose this game.  You will have to put all of your students names in the game and then they choose their name and pick a number to work on.  It will give them a percent correct and a time.  We focus on the percent correct and once they reach 100%, we then ask them to try and speed up their time.  They LOVE this game.

This is very similar to the Bowl Game that I wrote about in this blog post, but it is using a cup.  I like to do this one as a pair, but I start out as a single game unitl they learn it.

Walk the Line - Students drop beads on their plate that has a line and they write the numbers as they correspond to their plate.

In and Out Game:  Students drop bears on the tray an write the math problem.

I use this math balance for facts also.  Students put the number they are working with on one side and the facts on the other side.  In this picture, these friends were just matching - which is common, the second picture is the correct way.

 ABCya's Number Bond is another awesome game that can only be played with number 5 and above, but the students have to pick the other number that is missing from the math sentence.
 Unifix numer sentences.  Just like spill the beans, students pick the number sheet they are working on and snap cubes together to make a math sentence.  You have to be careful with patterns showing up here!!

Pom Pom in or out.  Students drop pom poms on the ground in their circle and see how many are inside and how many went out and record the numbers on their sheet.

 A student can use this station alone or with a partner. Just choose a bag, line up the sticks with the number at the bottom, then use the two colors of paper clips in the bag to make the different combinations that add up to that number. When finished, put away the sticks and clips.
Note: I used hot glue to make sure the magnetic tape would stay put on the craft sticks.

This is just using a pipe cleaner and pony beads.  They also have a recording sheet here.  They just show the different ways to make their number on the pipe cleaner (and you get a bonus motor skill here as well!)

Coin drop is another easy game.  Your students will need the number they are working on of pennies.  They drop the pennies and place them in a ten frame sorting heads and tails.  I had them put heads on the top row and tails on the bottom.  It is also good for them to see the ten frame in a non-traditional way.  On my sheet, they have a chance to write the various ways they can make their number (accountability)

I have a tub that just has blank paper with two color dots, the students show me different ways to make their number.  Some students are encouraged to write the ways to make their numbers under each combination.  


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