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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Math Tubs - November

SMART table activity working with missing numbers 0-10. Speedy letters for extra practice, even thought it is letters, we are working on using the die enough to KNOW the number without counting every time. SO the extra practice is helpful. :)

Just a few file folder games working with number and sets.

We are talking about nutrition this week, so we counted noodles on our plates.

Roll a turkey. The children are rolling and drawing the parts of a turkey.

Turkey grid game, children play one board between two children. First child rolls and places that many red pieces on the board. The next friend rolls and then he puts his number on the grid. At the end, we count to see who had the MOST.

A few bear cave thinking skills games from AIMS.

Patterns on Geoboards

Pattern with unifix cubes.

Shifty shapes from a problem solving book that I have, the children try and see how many different ways they can make a hexagon.

Roll Mr. Potatoe Head

Ordinals with lining up bears.

This ordinal game will be great for teaching ordinals.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the link to the unifix pattern cards :) I am prepping for the beginning of another year with Prep (Aussie Kinder) and this will be a great addition to my math groups :) Thanks!

  2. Hi! Unable to reach the site for mr potato head. Do you have a copy available?