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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Math tubs

Happy December! My favorite math tubs of the year because I can actually tie in "crafts" that we no longer have time to do and call it Math! Enjoy!

Here the children are making ornaments for our tree and at the end of December they will take them home as gifts. They choose either a wreath, or a candy cane. Wreath is an AAAAB pattern, candy cane is an AAB. I just used the tri color beads and pipe cleaners. To remember who they belong to, I cut a little holly leaf and write their name on it, punch a hole and tie a ribbon around it.

Tic Tac Toe is a favorite, I teach it one day and then put this as in independent tub. Children who have played do great, but some still stuggle with who wins the game. :) When the time is up, the children cut their paper in half so each child has something to take home.

We are working hard on sorting, here the children are sorting buttons. They are to sort, while a friend hides their eyes and then they try to guess the rule.

We are painting our craft sticks at this tub, brown for our rudolph, white for a snowman, and green for a tree - which we do place in order from smallest to largest. :)

We started really working on those teen numbers this week. So I introduced the number 11 and 12 and the children will glue pattern block pieces to each one. These came from HeidiSongs and I also sing the number songs that go with each number.

Here is a favorite and so easy and cheap! All I did was glue magnetic pieces onto a little pom pom. The children make patterns at my back white board. What I love about this, is that I can see who is working and who is not, who can make a pattern and who can not, and I can still teach my group!

Set couting from HeidiSongs! I just ran 4 copies and places in them in page protectors. The children circle the correct answer and they know not to erase it until I check their answers. I have not started this yet, but I will after I review sets of ten in my egg cartons.

Grid Game - played each month, roll, pick a color and count the pieces and put them on the board. Next friends turn.

Pattern with cheap Christmas stamps. Most of the children can stamp without the grid stamp, but I do have a few that have a difficult time, so they use the grid stamp.

Sorting with Christmas goodies. The chilren had three jobs at this tub. First they sorted and told their friend how they sorted. Second they sorted and had their friend guess their rule. Third they sort another way and ask the entire table to guess.

A cute graphing page I place in page protectors.

Sorting by color, shape, size, and face. I love to use a venn diagram with this activity if I do it whole group.

This is just a simple roll and lay pieces on your board, but when the board is full, they roll and take that number off.

I loved the Ordinal game that I found on TPT for Thanksgiving so much, that I made one for Christmas! It is in our dropbox - so fun.

Sorting, sorting, sorting - we really need to focus on that so here are just some lids the children will sort by texture, size color, and other ways (words, no words, screw top, pop top)
Teen Go fish for those teen numbers - have to find some fun way to learn them!

Countdown Santa - I make this whole group and we point to numbers and talk about counting down and then I send this home with 24 cotton ball - we glue one down on Dec. 1.

This is a great activity because you draw shapes and the children love trying to figure out what they are drawing. We say all the shape poems and then when we finish drawing it, we black it with sharpies and then color it - a great thing for the hall!

This is a great game because it is one game that can work on sets, numbers, letters, sight words or CVC words. Once the kids play it, they want to play everyday!

You think that is enough! Enjoy!

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