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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Math tubs starting a new quarter

Sorry, last minute add on, and it is a pain to put it on the bottom of the page. :)
Counting teen numbers:

This week we needed to take step back. We have had trouble with getting along this year, so my assistant and myself are just monitoring the tubs, focusing on getting along, working with others and cleaning up when asked to. O.k. it is over half way through the year, but that is the group we were blessed with!
Here are a couple new things we added this week:

Good ol patterns:

Estimation: the children guess how many cubes they think will fit on the line, and then they try their guess. I think tomorrow I will put my flip cards there also so they will show me their guess and then fix it to the right number.

Smart board lesson, easy and self checking, I uploaded it to SMART exchange so you can get to it easily.

A cute roll a peguin I found - this one they color, just something a little different.

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