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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The last quarter of math tubs. Here we go . . .

MATH DAY! This week our school had a Math Day for the kids. The upper grades had a chance to choose what they wanted to do, but us here in Kindergarten, we just did a Croc Crawl. Where the children spend 45 minutes in one class working on one concept. In my class, we focused on spatial relations, so here is our day!

Here the children are using pentomines, that I bought from a teacher store with the cards, I believe Carson Delosa.

This is a great Tangram game by ABCya!

I used my touches as one of the stations, I have found two great tangram games.

Just tangrams here, they are asked to make a square using all seven pieces. I always give them a little time to try it by themselves before I give a little help. Some children will surprise you!

Here the children are filling in pattern blocks shapes, they start at the letter A and go through the letter F.

Tangram cards I have bought, some have the lines for the kids and some do not. They love these cards.

Shapes using pattern blocks and foam cut outs.

A different Tangram app for the touch.

And that is it! We roatated to 7 different tables about 4-5 minutes per table. I introduced

the tangram computer game on the SMART board to the class and I also showed them the tangrams in a square so they knew it could be done! They did a a great job and they day was great!

Here is a neat blog I found that has some cool things I will probably use next week:

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