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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Puzzels and Big Numbers

This week my focus is bigger numbers, the children are still using my little homemade numbers that we used last week to put number in order from 9 - 25. The children have a stack of the cards face down in front of them, they draw a card and show me that number with the square tiles. I try to encourage the children to LINE up their items so counting is easier for me! (and them) Here is a cute game that I found, they fill a jar and later there is a recording sheet that goes along with this that uses the ten frame.

These are just foam pieces cut for filling in with pattern blocks. I have about 6 different shapes for the students to fill in. Ten frame game, it has a add section and the children add the number together on a ten frame. great game!

The apple iTouch is a great tool, the children do a variety of math games, from addition, to math vocabulary, to tangrams. They love them.

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