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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weeks 10, 11, 12 Teen numbers!!!

We have been working very diligently on teen numbers, what they look like, how we print them, how we make them, how not to be confused by them . . .
 Here the students are playing Grab, Move, Show.  The students GRAB a handful of the gems, place them on one side of the paper, MOVE them to the other side as they count, and SHOW the number.  The skill I am trying to teach is to MOVE the items in order to count them properly.
And they learn to grab more or less as the goal is to get a teen number.  :)

 Dots to show the number in ten frames.

 Lakeshore game focusing on 11-15

 Teen tic tac toe

 The Postman game from ICT.  Here is the link
Excellent for teen numbers.
 I just received a grant for a light table and science items, YEAH, so I am using my light table here in math to work with tangrams.  The children are trying to make a square using all seven pieces.  Or at least different shapes using a couple of pieces.

Teen Bingo! (with a parent helper)


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