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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 9: Review of Numbers, counting, printing, and sorting

I have several parents that like to come in and help with Math Tubs - when they do come, I like to pull out  fun game that reinforces a skill we have been working on, HERE they are subtilizing AND having  fun!

(sorry about the sideways view, I tried to change it many different ways, but no luck)  I played this Lakeshore game again this week, but the children pick number between 4 and 15 this week

And this is just a simple tic tac toe, but the students are writing numbers.  I have the one who picks the number go first and then on the next game, the other friend goes first.

I found this little goodie on Pinterest - I just love it!  The kids really had a great time with this tub.

This is a great app - It is called Number Flash and it allows the kids to see a set, then it covers it and lets them pick the number - it gives them a happy noise if it is correct and nothing if they are wrong.  As a teacher, you can pick how many you want them to count and you can set how long they can see it and how long they can have to pick the number.  I did 3 second view time and 5 second pick the number time.  It seemed to work fine for all of them.  I also used the guided access to keep the students on this app, worked like a charm!

I have had this activity for a while.  I found it here.  The students just draw teeth - so fun.  I also have the students write the number somewhere on the sheet.

This is a great teacher led activity, we talked about what the shapes had that was the same, different, and then I would place some in the circle and they would guess my rule and sort.  After doing a couple of those, I move to two circles and then (I haven't gotten to this yet) I will overlap the circles and have some in the middle.  Eventually, I like to see who can come up with a rule for us to guess, but that is really for your higher thinking kids.

Leaf sorting is such a great activity this time of year, we really work on attributes in this activity.

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