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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February Fun - teen numbers, addition, great counting apps

 I adapted this game from a game I found here.  The students roll the die and if they roll a three, they place three red ones on the five frame I made.  They then fill in the remaining squares with blue and write the math equation on the board - this board I found on a missing addend game I found on TPT for thanksgiving.  I tell the students if they roll the same number they have already rolled, to roll again so they have different math equations.

Here the students are picking a card ( I also found on tpt) and the students pick a snowman and place the number of buttons on the ten frame that the card ask for.  I then ask the students to show the number with the cards that I made and placed on a ring. (each set has the number 0-9 just on a small index card and laminated and a ring placed to keep one set in order)

 These nice little set cards are nice to have around.  They can just be placed in page protectors and I can check students very quickly.  I is really helping the students to apply their knowledge of ten frames and as a teacher I can see very quickly how far along many students are!

 Oh, now this is a new favorite!!!  We have a SMART table that is about 5 years old.  We have only one that we share between six classes.  So we only see it for about a month.  The students love it so much, but they are very expensive ($7,000)  BUT, I have found this little app called Counting Plus.  It is amazing.  Two students (or four) can play at the same time.  They can play just to play or they can compete against each other.  It flashes the objects quickly so subitizing is addressed and it will speed up or slow down.  AWESOME!

  This is a great packet and in it is this little go fish game that includes an "I can" card that is helpful for a free running station.  My students LOVE this game!

 This is a great little Bump game - they play it great, they are adding and do not know it, and they are working on winning nicely and loosing happily.

Xtra math - our school decided to do this, everyone said that it probably would not be for Kindergarten, but since I love technology, I thought I would at least check it out.  WOW, from what I can tell it is a free program.  You add your children, they get a four digit code that they can use at home also.  Parents can check their progress and each week, Xtra math sends me a report letting me know who has mastered which fact families.  I have added this into my math tubs.  I figure five minutes a day is great.  I feel that my kids are going to really have a jump start for first grade when it comes to learning math facts.  This really helps them move quickly.  They ONLY problem I have with this is that now, when I read a word problem, they are quick to tell me the answer instead of sketching it out! I have to remind them that they have to SHOW me, even if they know.  It's not a terrible problem. :)

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