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Monday, February 17, 2014

Working on facts of 6

 Here is the Smart board lesson I have made for 6, it is just like 5 but I now wrote the number 6 on each screen so they remember we are working on SIX and not 5 anymore.  They move some of one and some of another and make six, writing how many of each they have and then writing the math sentence under it - still working on that part as you can see, but progress has been made! :)

 Same game from last week, but I bumped it up to making 6.  I used an egg carton cut down to 10.  I then wrote the numbers 1-6 in the bottom of each, leaving 7-10 with no numbers.  The students roll the dice and and put that number of red ones in the ten frame.  They then fill up the other numbers with blue so in the end, they just have 6 pieces in the egg carton.  Then they write down how many red ones and how many blue ones. 

We played gamebone again today because they enjoyed it on 100th day and not everyone had a chance to play as long as they would like.  Great game.
 Save the Snowman is a great little bump game I have used before.  The students are adding numbers and covering up the number they get.  They can bump a friend off if they only have one on the number they need, but if they have two locked on then they can't knock off the friend.

 Counting Plus - a great game, hands down a favorite of mine.

Teen bingo, I decided to make this an independent station for math, they draw a ten frame card and cover up that number.  It went very well and I hope they will start to count OFF from the known 10 - fingers crossed!

 Here are the students building with TP rolls and paper plates. I have them numbered 11 - 21 and they are to stack the tubes in order.  I put a number 21 so they can see the difference and so I can see who noticed!

 Counting Race is a great app that up to four children can play at a time.  You can add, subtract and just count numbers.
The bowl game is a great game I have shown before, but today we bumped up to 6 and practiced writing our math sentence LONG ways.  This was a new thing for us. :)

 I used an old game I made up and added a little twist to it - taking a 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 piece of paper, I had the children write the teen number instead of just matching it as we have done before.

This is a great teen game.  It uses several different ways to show the teen numbers in a cute little game!