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Friday, March 14, 2014

Addition to 8 and teen numbers


I had the students make shapes using more than one shape.  That was the only rule and it was a great math tub.  I just traced shapes onto a piece of construction paper and laminate it - Viola - a quick math tub!
I have used this one before, they had a choice today on this ipad activity.

 Here they throw the bean bag, make the number on a geoboard, and show the number on the ten frame.  You could use anything, I just used this one because I had it.  Egg cartoons make a great one too.  I got this idea from a fellow teacher and she reminded me to put single numbers on the back so you can use this early in the year - so easy and so great!

Bump for March! Here is where I found this, but any BUMP will do

 Lego game number 2 and here is this Lego game played here.
Here are the cards I used.

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