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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Facts of 10 - the beginning

 Shifty Shapes is an AIMS activity.  The students are trying to make a hexagon several different ways
 Top it is a great app using cards and addition. It also throws in a little greater than and less than as well. 
 BBC has this great online game for shorting shapes, it is a little hard at the beginning, but it uses the words faces and edges and vertices, and it is very additive - they LOVE this game. 

 This parking lot game is a play off of an old game from the beginning of the year from Heidi Song.  The students each have a bag of a certain color domino and they pick out a "car" and place it in the correct parking lot.  So a domino with 3+4 dots, would be placed in the Parking lot 7.  I printed an extra 1 and 2 to make the 11 and 12. 
 And here we are working on ten, One die, a marker, egg carton and this set of cards.
This has been a great introduction to the ten cubes.  I have had the students play as a team and take turns so they can check each other and help to make a set of ten.  I will not do this one for very long, but I do like having the students work with these and at least be familiar with this. 

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