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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Subtration - finally!

I introduced subtration formally this week - the students listened to half of the book and then I told them a little story about a girl/boy loosing teeth.  We counted how many she started with, wrote that number and then we took some away and completed the problem and then counted the leftover teeth.

Addtion war - who has more.

This is a great little addition game and you can control how easy or hard it gets - love it!

Here is this little game, great for shape review and you can do 2D or 3D,

Little teen tic tac toe to review teens and practice writing without reversals.

I am sure you have seen this game and I have had it in my room for years, but I forget how to play - but here is what we did.  One person is blue and one is red.  First player places his/her two pieces on two ten frames that add up to 10, so like a ten frame with 9 and a ten frame with 1, next players turn.  When I ring the bell, they look to see which one had MORE pieces on the board.

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  1. Hey there! As I cruise around the internet, it's cool to see people playing Ten Frame Snake. I apologize for posting it all those years ago without instructions attached! :oP I love the version you're playing with the timer that rings to signal the end of the game. The original game rules (from BEAM) suggest that kids cover 2 spaces at a time with 2 counters, making sums of ten in their colour. The winner of the game is the one who, once all the ten frame pairs have been covered, has the longest consecutive string of counters in their colour. It's a great game to play since kids have to strategize over where they place their pieces...
    Have fun!
    Carole Fullerton