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Sunday, September 14, 2014

School Year 2014-2015 Week 1-3

Welcome Back!  So sorry for the late post, but everyone knows how crazy a start to Kindergarten is AND trying to get your scedule to work.

Week 1
We started the school year with just exploration,  Tubs are set out and the students simply explore what is there.  It give them a chance to get their "play" out.  Everyone wants to run their fingers through the buttons, but if you start right with a job for them to do, it is hard to focus with their desire to just play getting in the way.  SO you fix that with "explore" time.

Here are a list of some of my math tubs:
Unifix cubes
Boats (from Oriental)
Pattern Blocks
Snap Cubes
Bread ties
Leaves (plastic from Michaels)

I usually move the tubs the first week, but due to our schedule, I needed for the students to move.  Here is why.  I have Math at the end of my day.  We have first lunch this year so I need to fit in packing up AND snack into my schedule without loosing instructional time, so I have one table for snack and one table for packing up.  I have continued with this for two weeks, and now that I have the students trained to pack up and I have taken that out of our rotation.

Week 2
Still exploring all five days.  Six tables with activities, remember two of those table are occupied with snack and packing up.  To make the packing up table independent, I used this packing up chart and the students checked off as they completed each item.  It made it so I could float and not stay just with packers.

Week 3
Introduced 4 new jobs, still have packing and snack as the other 2 jobs.
    *Fishy Count on Computers - Great for counting, recognizing numbers and mouse practice.
    *Geoboard numbers - just making numbers on the Geoboards using picture cards to help.
    *Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons - Draw a card and place the correct buttons on Pete
    *Shape Book - my assistant is guiding this table with glue and scissors - Today is a Square House

Moved packing up to before specials, opening up an additonal math tub
    *Fishy count
    *Geoboard numbers
    *Pete the Cat
    *Shape Book - Color and glue macaroni on triangle
    *Dot to Number - Tap not splat, students roll two die, one has a color dot and the other has a number on it - students tap using bingo markers on a blank sheet of paper.  Roll again, continue until the bell rings.

Early Dismissal day so I had Math first thing in the morning  - so all 6 tubs were up and running
    *Fishy Count
    *Geoboard numbers
    *Dot to Number
    *Count and Write on iTouches
    *Dot to Dot Cards - students simply write the number and connet the numbers making a picture
    *Shape Book - Triangle carrots
    *Fishy Count
    *Dot to number Bingo dots
    *Shape Book - Color and glue Q-tips on rectangle
    *Snack with Count and Write on iTouches if they finish early
    *Dot to Dot Cards

    *Fishy Count - last day of this
    *Geoboards - last day of this
    *Shape Book - Rectangle window
    *Dot ot number using Bingo dots
    *Snack with Geoboards on iTouches if they finish early

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