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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Measurement and Subtraction

 This is bowling - I just used toilet paper rolls and a tennis ball.  They roll, and count what they knock down, then they record their problem on this nice little sheet I found.

 This little game came from Teachers Pay Teachers and it comes with both subtraction and addition boards.  I just ran two of each so they could play as a pair.

 Here they simply roll and write a subtraction problem.  They have to remember to write the highest number first.  It is very simple to play, just roll, write and figure out the answer. And here is the addition one also.
 These games are all on my symbalooHere is the link to this game, but all of these deal with subtraction in a different fun way.

Old Maid!  So they make a match and try not to get the old maid.  A great game for a group of four, just hard for the students to hold on to and it was hard for them to figure out the matches - but that will come with time!

Here is this little game that I found.  It is great for subtraction and it really makes the kids work it out on the board.
And here is a great game from Heidi Song.  I have the students draw a number card and black out that many teeth, then they write the math sentence and figure out the answer.
Guess the missing number.  Free from this lady and it is awesome.  I have the students play in a pair and just hold up the card, if the friend guesses the write number, they keep the card!
Race to the top that I have shown in previous post.

War just with addition flash cards.

This is the app counting race.  It is for the ipod and ipad.  You can do addition, subtraction or just numbers.

U fix it, is a great little game for measurement.  Your students will love it. They have a ruler to measure and then cut the wood the correct size or it won't fit and fix the window or door.  It takes a little explaining, but once the students catch on, they really enjoy it.

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