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Friday, December 5, 2014

December Madness (oops Fun I meant!)

Welcome to the Madness Fun!
I always start the month off with all of the ornaments we will make for our parents, so here is the first one - skill: patterns.  I just use a pipe cleaner and the tri colored beads, cut a little holly leave to put their initials on and tie a ribbon.

Here they are building a tree out of three different size craft sticks.  We paint them and then place them in order by size. (skill: order by size)  Then we decorate them with sequence from Michaels.

Snowman - Skill: following directions. :)  Using a tongue depressor, sticky back felt, wiggly eyes, and a felt nose.  Then I let the students make the mouth and dots on the front.

Reindeer ornament - Skill:  again following directions and counting out pieces.  Just using regular craft sticks.

 Christmas tree count:  Just roll the die and place that many pom poms on the tree.

Stackum game - students roll the teen dice and place that a stacker on that number.  At the end of the game see which number had the most.

Counting on game:  Draw a card, count off from that number until the teacher ask you to stop and move a space.  This is just a blank board and blank cards that I just wrote numbers on - pretty simple to make. :)

Christmas stamps - students roll the die and stamp that number of stamps on their paper.

This station is making 5, the students are given 10 pieces, 5 of each color and they show different ways to make 5 and write the equation.

Ordinal - here is a game I made for ordinals, you can see what you do and it needs to be a teacher led station.

 Grid game - just like last month.

War!  Highest number takes the cards.

Tangrams for my snack friends that finish early.

Roll and cover.  Students roll the number and cover that number on the number line.

Christmas stickers to make a pattern with.

A write the room that I plan on just leaving at the table and they can go through the cards and fill in the recording sheet.

 And my final one for today is just a picture frame!  Enjoy!

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