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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Math fun with Teens

We came back from Christmas vacation to the open windows of Dibels, TRC, State Math assessments, and county assessments.  Report cards due and a new quarter starting also falls into this month, so my math is pretty simple and monitored by my assistant for most of the time.  The games are fairly easy, but really puts those teen numbers out there for each student to see, write, count and make over and over again.  Don't forget about this you tube video:

So at the smart board we have been playing these two games.  While one student is up at the smart board, I have the three others working on iTouches that have math games.  It seems to work better than three students rolling around on the carpet! :)

Tic Tac Teen - Now this game was meant for two students to play together, they draw a card and cover that teen number, and the one with the most wins.  BUT, my friends wanted to keep going, or cover all of the same number on one roll, etc.  So I made it an individual game where they will draw and cover one at a time.

I found this last year - I am not sure where, but they simply roll two die and trace that number.  I had them do this in pairs and it took a couple days.  Great practice writing numbers which we ALL need.

One more game - I don't have these in front of me, but the link is a free one you can use.  Same concept - the students roll and add one more to the die.  Great for subtilizing and understanding the 1 fact family.  It takes a little help to get them started, but in the end, they just love it!

These were found from a neighbor teacher - they are simply cute for spatial relations.  I think this skill is something they should work on all year - it is in the same family as puzzles and thinking skills.  The students have a bag of tangrams and they try to make these animals and they continue to try to make a square, rectangle, or triangle.   

Roll a teen number - this is the earlier one, but you can change the numbers to what you need.  They just roll and record the number from the bottom up and make a graph of the numbers.  They love seeing which one they roll the most.

 Valen-teen!  Great little game I found last year and the kids just love it, I decided to start it a little earlier this year.  It has several different forms of the teen numbers and little hearts and birds to cover the number with.

I made these so I could use pattern blocks instead of tangrams - just a different thing to work with and they are building shapes they should recognize.

 Domino Math - addition - students just write the number for the dots on each side and then add the numbers together so the total goes on the line underneath.

 This game is very cute and we just had a parent donate the bingo dabbers so the kids will be excited to play this soon.  I will look for the link.

Just the old fashion tic tac toe with teens.

This has been a game on the computers - the students add the creatures together and pick the correct number.

This one is nice because it shows a number quickly and then it hide the number (subitizing!) and then it shows more bubbles and they add it together.

And don't forget to check the back log of this blog, this page has a lot of games I will be playing soon!

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