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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Addition. Missing Addends, and 3D shapes

In this game the students put on 6 (which is what we are working on) and then one students takes off a few and the other friend covers their eyes and then tries to guess how many he/she took off.  A great game for missing addens.

5 in a Row for naming and describing 3D Shapes, I will try and find the blackline for this - love the versitality of this game. (found it!)

I ordered these from Scholastic with my points!  They are super great and the students really enjoy building with these.  So much better than play dough!  I think you can also buy them from Learning Reasource as well.

This is great and cute for One More and One Less.  Enjoy the download here.

In out game just keeps on going!  I just change it every 2 weeks to a new number.  This week it was 6!

These games below are some great games for your computers, I really enjoy the 3D shapes becasue they use the vocabulary that the students need to hear over and over again.  Click on the pictures to get to the game link.   And the last one is my Symbaloo, a great way to funnel your students to the right games.

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