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Monday, February 16, 2015

February Fun in Kindergarten Math

Here you go for February!

This activity pack is full of teen numbers and addition.  Anything with a dot marker is a lot of fun! AND it's free!

 Love this game, covers so many different ways to make teen numbers.

In and out game and be found here, this has been a hit for sure!  The students drop cubes and see which ones went in the circle and which ones are out of the circle and then they write a math equation.  It has gone really great!  So nice because you can change the number and the items you drop to go with the fact family you are working on.

This game from Lakeshore is one you can download onto your computer, it is $19.99 but you get 4 games in one and you can put it on your computers very easily.

This is another little freebie that tied in great with my Polar unit and measurement.  I used a ruler to set across the top of the animals to talk about even with the top.  I also used this as a time to discuss length and width.

This is so much fun!  I have "fresh" marshmallows for those friends who don't eat our yucky ones and it seems to work great.  Now I do still have the few that smell each one as they count, but that's ok!

Teen counting is here, they simply count the dots and pick the correct number.

Just a little matching game for numbers, I am not sure where I found this, but it shouldn't be hard to make!


  1. You really shared great and interesting activities here. I am sure kid’s had great fun. I am going to download such games and will put in computers of my Phoenix pre-k. I am sure students will enjoy it.