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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Math Tubs and transition

Today we moved! The Tubs stayed on our tables and moved around to each tub. My classroom has tables numbered 1-6 and it is in order that way so the children move in a clockwise motion around my room.

We continued to explore the tubs and I worked with a group on the Smart table. We should explore for three more days and then off to having jobs we will go!

I sang my clean up song, in yesterdays post, and at the end I say "check the floors, check the tables, check your laps" - and instead of clap clap, I would say "Stand up" so as they cleaned up they would stand up and put their eyes on me. At this time, they are still a bit chatty and I usually have to ask for them to give me 5. Once they are all quiet, I showed them where they would go next, then I had them all point to where they were going and then they moved. ( Now I always have a friend who goes the wrong way.) I ring the bell and then they begin. Remember to have a team captain, to aviod fussing. :)

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