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Monday, August 29, 2011

Today we explored a little more. The duration was about an hour. The children reviewed expectations and learned how to clean up. We sang our little song "Check the floors, check the tables, check your laps (clap, clap) Check the floors check your tables check your laps, check the floor check the tables check the floors check the tables check the floors check the tables check your laps (clap, clap)

As teachers, we strolled the room watching to see what the children were doing. I saw children making patterns, sorting and organizing items in various ways. This gives me a lot of information in a very informal way.

Students are encouraged to only take a handful of manipulatives and if they need more, they can dip back in and get a few more.

Each tub time only last about 5 minutes.

Now today, because I know we will be gluing tomorrow and I have not had a chance to teach the children HOW I want them to use the glue, I had Mrs. Rumple take a station and teach only four children at a time how to glue. This works very well throughout the year with little things that need to get done in a small setting. (Assessment, intervention, enrichment, etc)

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