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Monday, September 19, 2011

Working on sets today! Children had a plate with a number on it. They were to put pom poms on it and then have a teacher check their work. I would use different color plates for each child, or just make a different color dot on the back of each set. (so when they clean up, they will know which ones go together) Tangrams this week for Spatial relations. Remind children to count to seven at clean up to check if all the pieces are there (plus it helps with counting)

We worked with shapes today in a little game. I like to introduce different shapes early because it is a hard concept to teach quick. My assistant just said the name of the shapes and played a little domino game with them. Tomorrow she will start teaching the poems with each shape. This will help with Likenesses and Differences when working with shapes.

Children counted and made sets up to ten.

Roll the number. Children rolled the die, counted the dots and wrote the number starting at the bottom of the graph. When the bell rang to clean up, they would see which one they rolled the most.

Counting sets. I introduced the egg cartons today and had the children put one dinosaur in each hole. We talked about the number 10 and then the children showed me other numbers I asked for. I am really just wanting them to start to realize what a set of ten looks like in the carton.

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