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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today we started working! We had a job at each table to do. I am fortunate to have a student teacher, so we had three guided stations and two on your own stations. (we had two children out so I took out a table today) Four minutes was on the clock today. Team captain was assigned.

Table 1: Buttons: Teacher allowed a little exploration time and then called out number 1-5 for the children to show. "Show me three buttons" She was watching to see who could add on for a larger number and who restarted.

Table 2: Geo-Boards - exploration

Table 3: Bears - Teacher asked "what is something all the same in this tub?" Answers where given and a sorting rule explained. Children were asked to sort the bears by color and then if time allowed, by size.

Table 4: Pattern Blocks Job Cards - (spatial relations) Children were using the pattern blocks to fill in a simple picture on the Job Cards.

Table 5: Empty today

Table 6: Numeral Printing Cards - Teacher led (to explain HOW to do this) - Children copied a number and then connected the dots to make a picture. I will post pictures tomorrow.

I will continue all of these tables this week. I will make Table five an alike/difference table that will be teacher led. I will not need to help with the Nubmeral printing cards in the future, that was just to introduce and explain expectations. Pictures will follow to help understand the tubs.

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