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Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Snow and focus on teen numbers

SO sorry for the delay on the Math Tub blog, I have had pictures ready, but forget to take them home! For the past two weeks, I have been trying to test, so one station has been a testing station. Sometimes, I put out something for the group to do while I call over one at a time, some test I can do with the math group.

I will start with this cool thing I found on TPT. Alot from this month comes from there. This is a memory game. This download comes with one set of cards and several different games to play with the same cards. I love that!
Same download, but this time it is a matching set game.

Same download, this time it is Go fish.

Same download, this time it is a more or less game, just perfect for our third quarter coming up.

This is a game called Tweet, Tweet, it is like the BUMP game we played last month. I may save this for the spring, but I love the set cards, the children instead of rolling a dice, they draw a card, it may be a number or a set and place their cube on the number. If it is a number with a friends cube on it, they can BUMP them off, if you put two of the same color on the same number, you LOCK yourself there and no one can bump you off - it is a game my students could play alllllll day!

Teen Tic Tac Toe, the children spin and then mark the number they get on their tic tac toe board. First with three in a row wins!

Teen game - similar to war game, at the end they count out their cards - whoever has the most wins.

Teens with buttons, pick a card, place the correct number buttons on the card, show the number with the flip cards.

Save the Snowman is like the BUMP game, they roll, and place a snap cube on the number, they get to bump friends off, and lock themselves on.

Connect three - children roll, write the number, try to get three numbers in a row. There is also one for two dice we will do later.

Teen number with pattern blocks.

Teen numbers with snap cubes.

Love this - matching sets to number and numbers to sets.

Pentomines - spatial relations.

Finish the pattern with unifix cubes.

Roll a snowman.

TESTING! Just one I can do with the four in my math group, all the other test, I pulled one on one.

Enjoy! And I found this link you may love! Penguins

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