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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Common Core Addition

Wow, I think it has been over a month!!

I took a little time off to assess last quarters goals, and then just to wrap my mind around all of this addition at this point in the year and how to make this work.  I will show you a few things that I have been trying, I am struggling with this because I am suppose to introduce addition, but I still have several children that do not have a true grasp of a number.  So now I have to teach them how to break down a number???  This is crazy, so I am trying daily to do something that will make sense to all of my friends.

I am using Domino Math and the Bowl Game.  Both of these I have used in the past, so I will put the link here.

I am also using a an old AIMS activity called Solve It!

Here is a cute teen bingo game that I will use to help reinforce our teen numbers.

This is from last year.  Here is the link to the file and here is the link to my blog.

I started addition with these story boards,  I started with little stories like "Sam saw two flies on the long, three more flew in, how many flies on the log?"  And this week we have bumped it up to "There were two logs in the forest, one log had three flies on it, the other log had the same, how many flies are on both logs?"  And then next week I think I will bump it up to one more or one less on the second log, etc.

Tic tac toe using teen numbers

 Roll a teen number (this link is to the 1-6, but I just used the same form and copied it front and back and changed the numbers to 2-12 since I am using two die now)
 Making teen numbers and here is link to last years blog.

And this download comes with a black line copy for the students to glue and a color copy that you can use the manipulative.  You could run them front and back and just use one with color that is very easy and then the one on the back all blank and it makes it a little harder.

I also use this cute song from You Tube between math tubs or before or after so I can set up or put away. 

I will continue to post slowly as I am trying to grasp all of these new changes!

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