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Monday, February 9, 2015

100th day 2015

100th Day of School!!!
Our 100th day came and went very quickly - without snow to delay this day this year, it kind of snuck up on me!  So here are a few quick activities we did during math tub rotations.

We started the day counting 10 of 10 different snacks, giving each child a baggie of 100 items to eat for snack.

Then here is a brief overview of our Math tubs.

100th day crown

In 100 seconds, how many push ups, jumping jacks, squats, etc. can you do?

Highlighting all the 100's you can find in the search a number puzzle.

Find the bone on the 100th chart with the clue given in a minute.

Make something out of the numbers 100.

Stick 100 stickers.
This entire pack came from Teacher Pay teachers - sure made it easy!

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