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Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 8: Printing numbers, more or less, counting and number that represent

I feel like I need to be moving on to something different, but we are having a difficult time with writing numbers, so we continue to work on this skill in different ways.  Here they are simply counting and writing numbers with a check box above.  I had planned a ten frame activity on the smart board, but for the past week, all interactive items on the SMART board are not working properly, so I decided to go simple.  Here is this activity.
 Now  I have learned that while three friends wait for the SMART board, trouble starts.  Last year I placed chairs and they sat and waited, but really, I think they could use their time better, so I placed this activity on the carpet.  They simply match all the items that are the same number.  The team captain started the Smart board lesson and then would just tap the next friend to take a turn.  Some friends decided to work together and most other just used their own sets of cards.

 Above is an activity I created last year.  Here is the link.  They simply find the shape (using the vocabulary) count what is in the bag and record that number on the recording sheet.  Simple, quick, just what they need.

Here is a great concentration game.  The hardest thing is that number words are on this game.  I plan on making a little cheat sheet for those who can not read the number words.

 I love the thought of these little parking lots.  I wanted to introduce these in a math tub, so then I can place them in the car center and Viola! I have a play center/learning center!  Here is the blog.

 I made this game last year, it works with counting and shapes.  I really want to hit shapes and counting hard since we assess both of these concepts at the end of this quarter.

With the help of Guided Access under the Accessibility in the General Setting, you can MAKE you friends stay on one certain app.  Today was my first day giving it a try, and I LOVED it.  I did not have to worry about friends picking a reading app, when they should be counting.  They have several choice within the app, but they are unable to close the app.  This is an app called Subitizing and it cost me $1.99, but a great one, they can even cover the sets and see if they know the number quickly.


  1. Lots of great ideas! I love the parking lots! I couldn't get the link to work, though.

  2. Our BPC Story" blog label to learn more about our Maker Club journey. Printing

  3. I was blessed to be home schooled k-12 and I am now a public school teacher. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I plan to use the "parking lots" to help teach one-to-one counting. Great resource!